For brass I’ll give you gold

Tu StJ 08 11-11

For Iron I’ll give you silver- Gd has made us strong as iron in the fire, but strength can be arrogant and unbendable or submitted.  The refiner turns us into silver, the purity, holiness of Messiah.
For brass (Judgement) I’ll give you gold (purity)- Gd has made us like brass, shiny to reflect his person as the mirrors of Egypt which were given to make the brass laver for the Tabernacle. But the brass mirror also reflects our own flaws that distort His word and love. The refiner turns the brittle brass into soft gold of Mercy and Love.

Gold and silver are both pliable, moldable, able to be formed by the jeweler’s hammer

B.J. Harris November 11th, 2008 17:04

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