I Delight In GIVING Love

Word 08 11-26 – day before Thanksgiving

My love is like charity.  I delight in GIVING love to my children, so they can give it to each other;  their love.  CHARITY is not a bad word but it shouldn’t be a sense of entitlement. Gratitude is the proper response to ME and to the receiving of charity, or love, from others.  But my children shouldn’t glory in the gratitude of others.  They should feel gratitude to be privileged to help others and help Me help others.  I must be the object of glory, not only because I only deserve it, but because only I can handle it, because I give it to the Son, and He gives it to me, and the Holy Spirit gives it to both of us.  We are submitted to each other in LOVE.  We don’t keep our Glory.

B.J. Harris November 26th, 2008 22:33

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